West Wittering

Policy & Reference Documents

This area is reserved for documents which reflect WWPC policies, and reference material which helps to inform both the Council and the public about the work of the Parish Council.

Freedom of Information Policy
Powers of the Parish Council
Code Of Conduct
Financial Regulations
Standing Orders
Equality and Diversity

Powers of the Parish Council

The powers of the Parish Council are wide-ranging, and can be seen in summary here.

Neighbourhood Plan and Village Design Statement

Neighbourhood Plans enable local people to write planning policies for their area. A neighbourhood plan cannot override national or local authority policies, however, it becomes part of the legal planning framework and works alongside national and local authority policies in determining planning applications. Neighbourhood plans are therefore powerful documents

The purpose of the Village Design Statement (VDS) is to give guidance on how new development will fit the existing character of West Wittering. The VDS was prepared by a group of villagers and councillors during 2004 to 2006 with input from local questionnaires and expert assistance from a planning officer from Chichester Harbour Conservancy. It has since been updated and incorporated in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan including VDS
Village Design Statement

Parish Council Toolkit

The Parish Council Toolkit is a detailed work of reference published, inter alia, by the Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors that includes guidance to the legal framework within which Parish Councils work, and to good practice in its procedures and actions.

Parish Council Toolkit (1.1 Mbyte download)

General data Protection Regulations 2018

Data Protection Statement
Data Subject Access Statement
Privacy Notice
Data Protection Policy