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Proposed traffic improvements – Rookwood Rd West Wittering

Thursday, March 01, 2018

West Wittering Parish Council ( WWPC) in responding to local concerns that residents , visitors, emergency vehicles and local bus services find it difficult to access West Wittering at peak times , has developed a scheme in consultation with the County Council to address this and other severe parking issues in the village.

Parking at some locations along Rookwood Road and on the adjoining roads can cause congestion creating potential road safety problems and access difficulties. WWPC having consulted with local businesses, resolved also include measures to improve local amenities in the village centre . Currently long-term parking occurs along the route creating difficulties for residents and visitors to access the local shops.

At its meeting in July 2017 ( Min 83) the Parish Council resolved to support and fund a package of localised parking restrictions to better manage traffic flow to enable traffic to flow more easily and to keep sightlines at junctions clear and un obstructed. It is also proposed to introduce a one hour limited waiting restriction at strategic locations along the route to create a turnover of parking close to the shops for the benefit of both local business and shoppers alike .

It is expected that any displaced parking will redistribute around the network, away from the busier roads and junctions in the village

This Order is proposed to avoid danger to persons or traffic using the roads or for preventing such danger from arising, reducing congestion, to facilitate the safe passage of traffic and improve the amenity of the area through which the road runs. The order will be processed through WSCC and there will be an opportunity for further consultation when the legal process is advertised. Details of the scheme can be seen here