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LDF Consultation

Friday, September 02, 2011

A Local Development Strategy is being prepared.

The Core Strategy, which was placed on hold by Chichester District Council after the South East plan was revoked in July 2010, has been revived and is about to be put out for consultation. A document entitled Housing Numbers and Locations is due to be launched in August 2011. Further details can be found in LDF Newsletter – July 2011.

A new planning framework for the district is being prepared – the Local Development Framework (LDF) by Chichester District Council. The Core Strategy will replace the Local Plan and will set out the framework for development across the District up to 2026. It will shape the way we live in the district over the next ten to twenty years.

Consultations on housing numbers and locations

Chichester District Council will be consulting on Housing Numbers and Locations as part of the Local Development Framework between 26th August and 23rd September 2011.

The consultation on the level of housing will last from 26th August to 23rd September. This will be your opportunity to influence where future developments across the Chichester District will be located and how these should be supported by infrastructure. A further consultation of a complete draft of the preferred Core Strategy will take place from 13th January to 10th February 2012. Finally a statutory public consultation on the proposed submission is scheduled for 25th May to 6th July 2012.

For information relating to the Local Development Framework please visit the following website  http://www.chichester.gov.uk and follow the link to Environment & Planning, then Local Development Framework.

Response by West Wittering Parish Council

WWPC has approved a response to the LDF Consultation at a meeting of the Council on 2nd September 2011. Click here to view the content.