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Flood Defences Report – 11th June 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

West Wittering Flood Defences – Update issued by Environment Agency

11th June 2012

What have we built so far?

We have completed phase 1 of the main embankment. The clay has been placed to the same height of the existing defence, across the entire length of the embankment.

We have begun laying the clay at Snow Hill to build the smaller embankment

We have completed the tie-in work at Snow Hill

We also improved the existing slipway with surplus material

We have imported the sheet piling, I-Beams, material for the coffer dam and some of the rip rap

What issues have there been?

April was the wettest April in recorded history. This has slowed the amount of earthworks we have been able to do. As such, we are now behind schedule.

Last Thursday, we identified a potential site of archaeology by the crab pool. We have had archaeologists on site. Today, we are breaking out the surrounding ground for a fuller investigation. Initial assessments do not expect this to be of any significance nor alter our designs for this area.

Despite our best efforts to secure the site, members of the public are still trying to access it, either by knocking over  or jumping over the fences.  Please could you mention to other members of the village the need to keep away from the site.

What work is upcoming?

This week we will import a large proportion of the rip rap needed to protect the seaward side of the defence

Once imported we will then begin laying it in place

Once the site has dried off and the archaeological site secured, we will finish off the work at Snow Hill