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Minutes September 2017


MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council,held on Thursday 7th September 2017 in the Sports Pavilion,         Rookwood Road, West Wittering, PO20 8LT          

PRESENT: Mr R Shrubb (Chairman), Mr R Hutton (Vice Chairman) Mr R Lewis, Mr W Buckland, Mrs J Barrett, Mr H Patel (from item 108 onwards )Mr K Martin, (until item 111g) and 9 members of the public. Cllr Barrett and Cllr Hamilton were also present.

100.        APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Mr D Sadler, Mrs N Pike

101.        DECLARATIONS UNDER THE CODE OF CONDUCT – Mr Martin, personal Lapwings.

102.        URGENT ITEMS – None

103.        MR J KENWARD – The Chairman proposed a minutes silence in memory of Mr Kenward who had served the Parish for many years.

104.        PLANNING - Noted the decisions of the Council were as follows:

List No


Application details




Mr & Mrs Nigel Barton The Dodo 47 Marine Drive West Wittering PO20 8HQ

Raise height of close board fencing to decking area from 1m high to total height 1.5m along southern side OBJECTION Out of keeping and out of character with surrounding properties




Mrs Rachael Lavelle The Old Nursery Chapel Lane West Wittering PO20 8QG

Internal alterations and erection of single and 2 storey extensions OBJECTION Overdevelopment roof terrace, size and mass uneighbourly and intrusive in rural setting




Mr G Burigo 35 Marine Drive West Wittering Construction of new board and bike stores.NO OBJECTION



Mr Julian Da Vall 43 Russell Road West Wittering PO20 8EF Demolition of existing garage, construction of front, rear and side extensions, repitched roof with loft accommodation, garage and car ports.NO OBJECTION




Mrs L Maitland Berrybarn Cottage Berry Barn Lane West Wittering Chichester

Notification of intention to reduce height by 3m and prune lateral growth by 1m on 4 no. Leyland Cypress trees NO OBJECTION




Mr & Mrs Christopher & Utta Quinton

68 Howard Avenue West Wittering PO20 8EU Loft conversion with dormers and roof lights, porch, front extension, refurbishment and new fenestration.NO OBJECTION






Mr Gordon Wotherspoon Piggery Hall Piggery Hall Lane West Wittering

Excavate French drains and adjust the fall, lay perforated drainage pipe in pea shingle, infill and raise surface to adjacent ground level. Connect French drain pipework to UPVC underground pipe bedded and haunched in pea shingle and extend to soakaway, install crate system soakaway, connect southern French drain to existing well with underground pipe, bedded and haunced in pea shingle and replacement render, chimney and ridge thatch.NO OBJECTION




Mr A Matthews Rife Cottage Piggery Hall Lane West Wittering Proposed two storey rear extension and creation of rooms within existing roof. OBJECTION Roof height harmful to visual amenity

105.    W/17/02263/DOM - The Ark 35 Marine Drive West, - Agreed to request an extension in order to determine this application at the next meeting.

105.        NDP UPDATE – Mr Lewis reported that a further meeting had been held with CDC Officer Valerie Dobson and that the VDS has now been checked for policy updates as requested and returned to the Steering Group. The AECOMM grant for work on an objective housing needs study has been approved and the next progress meeting would be on 13th September.

106.        ENFORCEMENT MATTERS –Mr Martin reported on the meeting he attended with CDC officers and it was noted that proposals for a quarterly update were being considered.

107.        CDC LOCAL PLAN REVIEW – Noted the proposals for Stubcroft Farm and agreed to consider at the meeting in October.

108.        WW/02063/FUL LAPWINGS – Noted substitute plans. Following debate the Council agreed that subject to the revisions presented and the proposed glazing being obscured glass then there was no further objection.

109.        MINUTES – On a proposal by Mr Hutton and seconded by Mr Buckland the minutes were approved by the Council.

110.        DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLOR UPDATE – Cllr Barrett referred to the pledge regarding the A27 and on a proposal by Mr Martin and seconded by Mr Hutton this was approved. It was noted that Mr Hutton and Mr Buckland would attend the CDC All Parishes meeting and that The Chair and Vice Chair would complete the questionnaire regarding the Build a Better A27 forum. Cllr Barrett referred to ditch maintenance and riparian responsibilities.

111.        CLERKS REPORT

a)      Allotments – The Council considered the Allotment rents which were due for review. On a proposal by Mr Shrubb and seconded by Mr Hutton it was agreed that rents would be increased by RPI in July each year effective 1st October 2018.

b)      Footpaths and Open Spaces – Quotes for autumn bulb planting were considered as follows;

Quote A - £900

Quote B - £1200

On a proposal by Mr Hutton and seconded by Mr Patel Quote A was approved.

Members noted Mrs Pikes report regarding the Village green. It was agreed that the bye laws currently displayed at Snowhill should be displayed on the Village Green and that a further review of the current byelaws was advisable. The Clerk was asked to obtain advice regarding such a review from SSALC and NALC. Also noted the existing post and rail fence required maintenance and that the track on the Village Green should be registered in title to the Parish Council and the area which was being used for parking fenced and returned to grass. The area beyond the entrance to Brook House and the old pound required clearance and some tree surgery and it was agreed to obtain quotes for this work as well as quotes for extending the fencing.

The proposed TRO for Rookwood Rd was also considered and it was noted that WSCC Highways Officers have prepared the final scheme and were recommending staggering the No Waiting in Elms Lane and amending the hours for the limited parking near the shops to 8am to 6pm and No Waiting all the way along to Malthouse Cottages.

Members also noted the correspondence from Mr Vickers and response from West Wittering Estates regarding traffic in the village and in particular in Elms Lane when demand to use the car park was high. It was agreed to arrange a meeting with WWE Ltd as well as principal authorities in order to achieve a deliverable solution to on-going congestion. It was agreed to forward Mr Vickers correspondence to Pieter Montyn. Noted Mr Martin and Mr Patel agreed to attend the meeting with WWE Ltd and Mr Vickers.

c)      Sportsfield Management – Quotes for clearance of the Sportsfield boundary and tree surgery were considered as follows;

Quote A         £5800

Quote B         £5400

Quote C         £2310

Quote D         £3017

On a proposal by Mr Hutton seconded by Mr Patel it was agreed to proceed with Quote C.

Members considered further correspondence from a resident regarding use of a gate into the Sportsfield. Following discussion on a proposal by Mr Hutton and seconded by Mr Lewis members agreed to withdraw the offer of a Licence to maintain the fence and request that the gate be closed and no longer used. All agreed and noted if the gate continued to be used the Council would fence the section from its side to prevent access.

A request from WWCC to hold its annual; Bonfire event was agreed subject to compliance with necessary Licences and advance warning to horse owners in the vicinity.

d)     Snowhill – Noted the Footpath finger post required repair and that undergrowth needed clearing from the byelaw signs.

e)      Finance – On a proposal by Mr Hutton and seconded by Mr Patel, members approved  payment as listed below;





SWR Garden Services



SWR Garden Services

Pavilion hedge


SWR Garden Services

Village green hedge


SWR Garden Services

Mowing etc


Mrs J Brown

Clerks salary and mileage






Paladin hire





Sussex Estate Care

Marine Drive Car park mowing


Sussex Estate Care

Mowing Marine Drive triangle





Wicks Farm

Fit door Pavilion


Mr C Tranchant

Pavilion garden June 2017


Website Success

Monthly fee for web site


Website Success

Additions to new web site


B Napper Esq

Noticeboards - maintenance


Uniguard Fire

Annual Service of appliances


Uniguard Fire

Service lighting


Wicks Farm






M Rose

Repair cistern


Ground Management Ltd

Flood mapping project


PKF Littlejohn

Audit fee


J Kenward

Litter/Bus shelters


English Gardens

Pavilion Garden August








f)       Parish Assets/Footway Lighting – No report

g)      Communication and Web Site –Noted that the web site was now live. Mr Martin requested access to all emails received by the Clerk. This was not discussed further.


h)      Memorial Hall – No items.

i)        Twinning –

j)        East Head/CIAG – Noted the shingle will be replaced at the end of Joliffe Rd in late September.

k)      Emergency Planning – No report

l)        Parish Church – No report

m)    Peninsula Forum – No items to report


a)      SSALC AGM - Noted

b)      Letter re traffic issues – Contents noted.


a)      Highway matters – Noted pothole and carriageway damage in Shore Rd and signs obscured by overgrown vegetation.

b)      Flagpole – Sportsfield – Mr Lewis suggested the Council consider a flagpole at this site.

114.        OPEN FORUM

Mr Vickers thanked the Council for considering his views regarding traffic congestion and added concerns from his neighbours about access for emergency vehicles.

There being no further business for discussion the meeting closed at 9.30pm



              Signed:............................................................................. Chairman


              Date: ............................................................