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Vaccination Transport Backup

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Backup transport to Selsey is available

The roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme began for those over eighty years of age   during week commencing January 11th. This is being carried out at the Selsey Centre at Manor Road, Selsey. Note, not the health centre.

See here for further local information from Sussex Health and Care Partnership.

See here for order of vaccination priority.

You will be contacted by the Health Authority (not your GP surgery) and offered an appointment day and time. This is a life saving vaccination and it is imperative that you take up this offer as it will protect you from this life changing virus.

Unfortunately, the Selsey Centre is not the most convenient location for those on the West of the peninsula who need to travel by public transport however it was the only location suitable for delivering a large vaccination programme.      

If you do not have your own transport and your family, neighbours or friends are unable to take you, the Manhood Volunteer Service, who operate out of the Witterings Medical Centre has offered to provide transport for you to the Selsey Centre and also return you home. The drivers are volunteers and there is no charge for this during this national emergency.

You will be safe as the driver will be wearing a mask and you will travel in the rear seat and also be wearing your own mask. To contact the Manhood Mobility Volunteer Service please ring 01243 671881. The office hours are 09.30am to 12.pm Monday to Friday and the out of hours number is 07786592937.

Call for Volunteers

The service has a number of regular volunteer drivers who are already committed to the normal day to day function of the service, taking people for medical appointments at various hospitals and clinics. If you have a car and are able to help out with the trips to Selsey, your help would be very much appreciated. It is important that we help each other during this national emergency.


Please telephone 01243 671881 or 07786592937 and speak to Justin Birt who is co-ordinating this service in addition to his day-to-day regular work.

Thank you and stay safe


Bob Hutton                                                                  Justin Birt

Chairman of West Wittering Parish Council               Manhood Mobility Volunteer Service

Clerk@westwitterinparishcouncil.gov.uk                   Manhoodmvs@gmail.com