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The group evolved from the East Head Working Group to develop the Adaptive Management Plan. Its purpose is to consider and develop an agreed approach to managing East Head and the adjacent coastline. The Terms of Reference were signed in January 2013.

The group is comprised of the following key stakeholders and relevant organisations:

  • Chichester District Council
  • Chichester Harbour Conservancy
  • Environment Agency
  • F.G. Woodger Trust
  • National Trust (landowner)
  • Natural England
  • West Wittering Estate Plc (landowner)
  • Cakeham Manor Estate Ltd (landowner)
  • West Wittering Parish Council

See here for January 2014 announcement. For background reading see here for presentation by Dr Malcolm Bray, University of Portsmouth to Chichester Harbour Conservancy on 4th July 2013.

See here for details of a research project by an MSc student at University of Portsmouth on local perceptions of Adaptive Management.

At an exhibition held in West Wittering on 22nd May 2015 the following documents were displayed.

The Group meets approximately two or three times a year and has agreed to having the minutes of its meetings published on this web site. See links below.