The Council organises its work into sub groups or “working parties”.

The members of these working groups are appointed at the annual meeting in May each year.

The membership of working parties for 2015/2016 is shown below. The chairman and vice-chairman are ex-officio members of all working parties.

Membership of Working Parties and Other Bodies for 2015

Working Party

Allotments1Mrs Codrai
Communications / Web Site3Mr Parker, Mr Sadler, Mr Martin
Emergency Planning2Mr Lewis, Mr Parker
Finance3Mr Martin, Mr Lewis
Footpaths and Open Spaces3Mr Buckland, Mrs Barrett, Mr Sadler
Neighbourhood Plan1Mr Sadler
Parish Assets2Mr Sadler, Mr Parker
Snowhill2Mr Buckland, Mrs Codrai
Sportsfield Management & Millennium Meadow3Mr Martin, Mr Parker, Mr Buckland
Tree Warden1Mr Buckland

Representation on Other Bodies

Chichester District Association of Local Councils2Mr Martin, Mrs Barrett
East Head Coastal Issues Advisory Group2Mr Martin, Mr Sadler
Manhood Peninsula Forum2Mr Sadler, Mr Buckland
Memorial Hall1Mrs Barrett
Parish Church1Mr Martin
Peninsular Forum1Mr Martin
Poor Sevens Trustee1Mr Hutton
Sussex and Surrey Association of Local Councils2Mr Hutton, Mr Shrubb
Snowhill (Charity)All Councillors
South Chichester CLC2Mr Martin, Mr Buckland
Sportsfield (Charity)All Councillors
Twinning Association1Mrs Barrett