Your attendance is requested at the annual meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Sports Pavilion, Rookwood Road at 7.00 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd May 2017


1.             Election of Chairman

2.             Election of Vice Chairman

3.             Apologies for absence and declarations under the Code of Conduct.

4.             Other items for discussion (not on Agenda but considered by the Chairman to be of an urgent nature)

5.             Represenatation on Working Parties and Other Bodies – see attached schedule

6.             Planning – to consider planning applications received including correspondence, appeals and enforcement action. (The Chairman will open the meeting to allow members of the public to address the Council.)

6a) Planning Applications (see attached)

6b) Neighbourhood Development Plan – Update from Steering Group

6c) Dolphins, Rookwood Lane – engineering works, and unauthorised development

6d) Enforcement matters – Update from CDC

6e) CIL presentation – Project update

6f) Variation of condition 1 from planning permission WW/15/03446/FUL- amendments to plan to include 3 no. roof lights. – Leander WW/17/00465/FUL

7.             Annual Parish Assembly – 25th May 2017 – to note

8.             Confirmation of Minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2017  (Copy available in Library or at www.westwitteringparishcouncil.gov.uk) and any matters arising.

9.             Reports from County and District Councillors.

10.         Reports and Recommendations from Working Parties

10a) Allotments

-      Report on fruit cage on site

10b) Footpaths, Open Spaces and Village Green

-      Village Green – update on sign and parking

10c) Sportsfield Management and Millennium Meadow

-      Update on quotes for re seeding football pitch

-      WWSC – Junior Prizegiving –to agree details for event in July 2017

-      Unauthorised gate, Sportsfield to consider legal action

10d) Snowhill


10e) Finance

-       Budget Monitoring – to note

-      Approval of Accounts – for payment

-      Approval of Direct Debit payments for utility bills, Pavilion

-      Insurance premium renewal – to approve

10f) Communications and Web Site

-      To consider specification for replacement Noticeboards – Bus shelter and Village Green

10g) Parish Assets/Footway Lighting


Reports from representatives on other bodies

10h) Memorial Hall


10i) Twinning Association


10j) East Head CIAG / WW Flood Defences


10k) Emergency Planning


10l) Parish Church


10m) Peninsula Forum


11.         Correspondence received for action or comment including items circulated for information only. (see attached). (Items of correspondence must be received by the Clerk for inclusion at least 1 week before the meeting).

12.         Open Forum – including questions from the public which the Council will consider. (No decisions can be made by the Council under this item unless further debate agreed)

Mrs. J. Brown, Clerk, 27th April 2017


1.     PLANNING APPLICATIONS (Agenda item 6a)

List No Reference Application details
14/17 WW/17/00754/DOM Dr. and Ms. Antonio / Jessica Olmedo / House Brooklyn 18 The Crescent West Wittering PO20 8EE Single storey rear extension.
WW/17/00962/DOM Mrs Penelope Kefford Brambles Rookwood Road West Wittering Porch to front elevation.
WW/17/00964/DOM Mr And Mrs S Vaughan Beauty Point 37 Marine Drive West Wittering Infill of existing open covered store to form new sauna and art studio, construction of replacement board store.
WW/17/00967/ELD Mr D P G Broadbridge Nunnington Farm Caravan Park Rookwood Road West Wittering Use of land as amenity land for the caravan park.
15/17 NONE
16/17 WW/17/00765/DOM Mr Robert West 27 Jolliffe Road West Wittering Chichester Replacement of upstairs flush window with small bay window.
17/17 WW/17/01028/DOM Mrs Alina Michaels 4 Summerfield Road West Wittering Chichester Single storey rear/side extensions and loft conversion including rear dormers.
WW/17/01076/FUL Mr P Collins Land To The Rear Of Tanglewood Briar Avenue East Wittering

Variation of condition 3 from planning permission WW/15/00363/FUL. To amend siting of caravans on approved drawing.

WW/17/00839/. Miss Nicola Ward White Chimneys  Rookwood Road West Wittering Rear single storey extension to the utility room
WW/17/00760/DOM Mr James Shaun Bescoby Cherry Cottage Chichester Road West Wittering Erection of double garage.

2.       CORRESPONDENCE (Agenda item 11)

a) None

3.     FINANCE (Agenda item 10e)

iv)      Accounts for payment as listed below:

Viking Direct Stationery 26.68
CDC Paladin hire 54.88
Home Clean Pavilion 177.92
Travis Perkins Materials 6.16
Travis Perkins Materials 5.70
Travis Perkins Plywood 83.80
Southern Electric Pavilion 194.29
CDC Community Warden Service 3200.00
Uniguard Emergency lighting 216.60
Travis Perkins Keys 7.90
HMRC Liabilities 272.15
Wicks Farm Collect waste 90.00
Wicks Farm Mow Sportsfield 196.50
Wicks Farm Land searches – drainage 95.76
Mrs J Brown Clerks salary and expenses 1408.49
Aquadition Service water softener 314.40
Allotment Association Replacement cheques 270.00
Good Directions Ltd Seat 732.00
Biz card Uk Printing 60.00
UK Servers Ltd Domain name renewal 39.60
Seton CCTV signs 200.34
SWR Garden Services Mowing etc 300.00
TOTAL 7953.17

April 2017 – Current Membership of Working Parties and Other Bodies

Working Parties
Allotments 2 vacancies
Communications/Web Site Mr Sadler, Mr Patel
Emergency Planning Mr Lewis
Finance Mr Martin, Mr Lewis
Footpaths and Open Spaces Mr Buckland, Mrs Barrett, Mr Sadler
Neighbourhood Plan Mr Sadler, Mr Martin, Mr Buckland
Parish Assets/Footway Lighting Mr Buckland, Mr Sadler
Snowhill Mr Buckland, 1 vacancy
Sportsfield Management and Millennium Meadow Mr Martin, Mr Lewis, Mr Buckland
Tree Warden Mr Buckland
Representation on Other Bodies
Chichester District Association of Local Councils  (2) Mr Martin, Mrs Barrett
East Head Coastal Issues Advisory Group Mr Sadler, Mr Martin
Manhood Peninsula Forum Mr Sadler Mr Buckland
Memorial Hall Mrs Barrett
Parish Church Liaison Mr Martin
Peninsular Forum Mr Martin
Poor Sevens Trustee Mr Hutton
Sussex and Surrey Association of Local Councils Mr Hutton, Mr Shrubb
Snowhill (Charity) All councillors
South Chichester CLC Mr Martin, Mr Buckland
Sportsfield (Charity) All councillors
Twinning Association Mrs Barrett

The chairman and vice-chairman are ex-officio members of all working parties.