Your attendance is requested at the meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Sports Pavilion, Rookwood Road at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 2nd February 2017


1.             Apologies for absence and declarations under the Code of Conduct.

2.             Other items for discussion (not on Agenda but considered by the Chairman to be of an urgent nature)

3.             Planning – to consider planning applications received including correspondence, appeals and enforcement action. (The Chairman will open the meeting to allow members of the public to address the Council.)

3a) Planning Applications (see attached)

3b) NDP – Update from Steering Group

4.             Confirmation of Minutes of the meeting held on 5th January 2017  (Copy available in Library or at www.westwitteringparishcouncil.gov.uk) and any matters arising.

5.             Approval of new Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

6.             A27 consultation – Report from meeting with Andrew Tyrie MP

7.             Reports from County and District Councillors.

8.             Reports and Recommendations from Working Parties:

8a) Allotments

-      No items

8b) Footpaths, Open Spaces and Village Green

-      Licence – Sportsfield gate – approval for further licence

-      To consider annual quote for mole eradication

-      TRO WP – to arrange meeting

8c) Sportsfield Management and Millennium Meadow

-      Update on recent repairs at Pavilion


8d) Snowhill

-      To consider shingle replenishment

-      To consider quote for repairs to slipway

8e) Finance

-       Budget Monitoing – to note

-      Approval of Accounts for payment

8f) Communications and Web Site

-      Update on progress of new web site

8g) Parish Assets/Footway Lighting


Reports from representatives on other bodies

8h) Memorial Hall


8i) Twinning Association


8j) East Head CIAG / WW Flood Defences

-      Update from meeting on 1st February 2017

8k) Emergency Planning


8l) Parish Church


8m) Peninsula Forum


9.             Correspondence received for action or comment including items circulated for information only. (see attached). (Items of correspondence must be received by the Clerk for inclusion at least 1 week before the meeting).

10.         Open Forum – including questions from the public which the Council will consider. (No decisions can be made by the Council under this item unless further debate agreed)

Mrs. J. Brown, Clerk, 26th January 2017


1.     PLANNING APPLICATIONS (Agenda item 3a)

List No Reference Application details
1/17 WW/16/04108/FUL Mrs Branson Cakeham Manor  Cakeham Road West Wittering Enlargement and glazing of 3 no. existing windows to Cakeham Tower
2/17 NONE
3/17 WW/16/04107/FUL Mr & Mrs C Osmond-Jones, Old Malthouse Cottage  Rookwood Road West Wittering

Replacement of existing outbuilding with 1 no. 1-bed unit holiday accommodation with studio.

WW/16/04141/FUL Mr C. Porter The Ark  35 Marine Drive West West Wittering Demolition of an existing two storey detached dwelling and erection of a new, three storey replacement dwelling.


Mr Paul Metcalfe 16 Howard Avenue West Wittering Proposed 4 no. roof windows to rear slope on north elevation
4/17 WW/17/00196/TCA Mr Robert Nowak Rowan House Cakeham Road West Wittering Notification of intention to remove 2 no. boughs on the south sector and 2 no. boughs on the  north sector (all at approx. 4m above ground level) and prune the ends of the remaining branches by up to 1.5m on 1 no. Monterey Cypress tree. Reduce heights by approx. 3.5m on 2 no. Elm trees.

2.       CORRESPONDENCE (Agenda item 7)

Selsey to Chichester Greenway Cycle route update

3.     FINANCE (Agenda item 6e)

iv)      Accounts for payment as listed below:

Payee Details £
Good Directions Lts Seat 744.00
Eradipest Moles Sportsfield and Village Green 498.00
Castle Water Pavilion 49.13
CDC Paladin 54.88
Paine Manwaring LED floodlights 7468.72
Home Clean Chichester Pavilion cleaning December 90.00
WW Allotment Assoc Subscriptions collected 260.00
Mr Kennedy Allotment rent overpaid 1.22
Arbtechnic Ltd Sportsfield tree 425.00
SSE Footway lighting 236.95
Mrs J Brown Salary and mileage 1097.20
MJ Rose Pavilion repairs 54.00
Home Clean Pavilion Clean January 2017 177.92
A W Aylmore Instaall seat at The Old House at Home 87.50
HMRC Liabilities 210.63
Mr S Ruff Footpaths, play area 510.00
C Tranchant Pavilion Garden Sept 2016 45.00
Knght Fencing Sportsfield seat 162.00
TOTAL 12,172.15